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Things have been retarded hectic lately at work to the point where I don't even feel like doing much when I get home. Fortunately, that's just Retail during the holidays. At least now the holidays are over. The next month is still going to be pretty busy given that there are more games coming out in the next 30 days than I can even remember, none if which are going to be all releases. I am hoping to make a more permanent return next week. Monday has me working a twelve hour shift until about 2am and then I open the next morning at 9am.

That being said, I going to kill someone if I do not get any chocolate covered coffee beans.

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Et tu Obi Wan?

I have a dream...and that dream is to rewrite the story of Julius Ceasar in the Star Wars universe to appeal to the Jedi religion/culture. Just to fuck with my roommates professors.

I Hate to Admit It

I suppose I'm not really this mean, calculating, angry person I always try to make myself out to be. I come to this realization as I sit in front of my computer on the verge of tears over a video game.

This guild sucks the fucking life out of me, which is ridiculous because its just a game! It's not fucking real and I still just want to break things and fucking cry because even in a damn game it hurts when people treat you like shit and it hurts when friends stab you in the goddamn back.

I couldn't even enjoy Castle. Nathan fucking Fillion and I didn't want to watch it. I just wanted to go to bed, but I'm not tired.

I'm just...hurt.


So, very few to none of you are going to understand this, but I'm going to go ahead and get this off of my chest. For the record, this promises to be a long and nonsensical rant about World of Warcraft and the people I associate myself with therein. You may simply want to walk away from this journal entry.

My guild needs an electoral fucking college because they can't fucking seem to elect leaders who actually give a good goddamned about the guild. Most of our officers and raid leaders are just worried abuot themselves. Fuck the little man because they have guaranteed raid spots. What the fuck do they care if six or seven people don't get to raid that week? What the fuck do they care if six or seven people don't get to raid every week? They don't because the majority of them are self-absorbed egotistical fuck heads who are able but unwilling to pull their goddamned heads out of their asses!

I suppose I should get angry at the rest of the guild now, too. What the fuck were they thinking even electing these people in the first place? Things have changed from the last group but that's because they've gotten worse! We're bleeding people at this point because no one in the leadership gives a rat's ass about anyone else and the guild members were stupid enough to fucking elect them in the first place.

Just two weeks. In two weeks, I'm going to get re elected to my Raid Leader position. There is going to be the third ten man they keep promising because I'll fucking run it if I have to. They're going to care about other fucking guild members because I'm going to fucking make them!

Goddamned ass hat mother fuckers ruining my pirate day with their fucking bullshit!

I was gone for three weeks under circumstances I could not control. Even under those circumstances, I kept in constant contact with the other raid leaders and officers. I was at least able to help with recruitment on the forums. I was able to approve and reject invitations. I gave them constant updates as to my status.

How do they repay me? By stabbing me in the fucking back. I understand that because of my absence I was not re-elected to Raid Leader. I should have just been demoted to Raider, because I had obviously fucking proven myself. No, they dropped me to the lowest fucking level of the goddamned totem pole and then tell me I have to work my way up to the fucking top. Now, I'm getting sat for raids and being told that "it's nothing personal" by the fucking guild master. He says that in a week I'll be back up to Raider. Until then, I get benched for the two ten mans and promised that there's going to be a third one. "Oh, the guild leader" will run it, they say. "He's gonna put it together," they tell me. Bull fucking shit! His ass gets on for an hour out of the day, long enough to change the guild message of the day and then disappear forever again. His wife just had a baby! He doesn't fucking have the time to run a raid. Unfortunately, all of the Raid Leaders and Officers were in the first two ten mans. That means that just some lowly member like myself has to run it and every who attends, which are the six or seven people who got benched because someone has it out for them, gets screwed out of the DKP (the currency used to purchase loot in a main raid). Which, being screwed out of the DKP doesn't really matter when you can't get into any goddamned raids to begin wtih.

0.o Honestly, trying to survive a period without painkillers is driving me up the fucking wall. I blew up on one of the raid leaders. I called him a fucking tool and told him he could take his rehearsed "those are the rules" speech and shove it up his goddamned ass. I don't need someone to try to quote some unwritten rule book to me. He forgets I was a fucking raid leader before him and the only goddamned reason he has that position is because my computer broke, thus making me unable to attend the fucking elections. He needs to remember that next time he tries to jump down my throat over something because I will tear his adolescent little dick from between his legs and make him choke on the damn thing. His little "I'm a big boy now that I have the power to push everyone around" act is gonna fucking cut it with me. He's just emulating the same asshole who is about to get reported for sexual harassment if he doesn't leave me the fuck alone.

Whatever. I've said about all I can say on the matter before I start repeating myself. I tried to talk abuot this would the other officers, but only two of them will listen. Not only is two so far from a majority its retarded, one of them is too much of a pussy to say anything about it. "I told him to kiss my ass the other day!" Okay, big fucking deal? Until you can get up in ventrilo or officer chat and tell those testosterone driven ass fucks that they're ruining the fucking guild, you're not tough shit. You're still just going to smile and nod and go along with everything they say. Why? Because you've got a guaranteed fucking raid spot. What do you care? Under those circumstances, why should anyone care? Why should they care that our guild is garnering nothing but a horrible reputation? Why should they care that we are losing people left and right, people with a great amount of skill and potential, because they aren't part of the favorite crowd? Why should they care that our recruitment has come to a fucking halt save for the one or two morons still trickling in?

They don't care because they don't care about the guild. I do. And if it weren't for my computer breaking three goddamned weeks ago, I wouldn't be having this conversation with anyone. Things would have changed. Things will change. I don't care how many people I piss off or make cry because of it. The only way to stop me is to kick me from the guild, and I dare them to work up the fucking courage to do it. I've done nothing wrong. I still show up for raids like a good little girl even though all I do is sit there for four fucking hours and hope someone gets violently ill so I can have their raid spot. I've called the some of the officers tools but they've said worse to me and other members have said worse to them. Everything I have done and will do has been within the scope of the rules.

It just fucking sucks that I put this much time and effort into a guild and get stabbed in the fucking back like this. I get pushed into the dirt and fucking spit on. Well, whatever, I was going to leave and move on to greener pastures, but I have work to do here. Someone has to do something, and since no one else will step up, I guess that's going to have to be me.

Anyways. I'm calm. I'm not expecting anyone to comment. I just needed to get this off my chest and show everyone just how much I curse. I wonder how many times I said the word "fuck" or a variation of that in this post??

Let the Trumpets Herald the New Age!

I don't know why I felt the need to put a fancy subject line like that just to announce that I officially have a computer and will be back to doing awesome stuffs and such! :)

Bones and Dr. Pepper

Well, after a rather harrowing experience involving a large spider and a converse shoe, I have come to one realization.

It is officially Monday, which means tomorrow I should be able to purchase my new computer. Until then, I will be watching Bones and drinking Dr. Pepper.

Also, I had a daydream where I purchased a $1000 worth of Dr. Pepper. It was the best dream ever.

One More Time

I had hoped to occupy the time between now and me getting a compuer with the new Rock Band game, but that doesn't look like its going to happen. I had based my decision to by that game on the assumption that there would be more than just the Beatles. Unfortunately, I was wrong and I hate the Beatles. The only pro I see for that game (other than what I have to admit are STUNNING graphics for a music game) is the three part vocal harmony. I'm the vocalist for my band, though, because no one else will do it. I also have to play guitar at the same time because my guitarist is a filthy traitor but that is defenitely a rant for another time.

I guess I will have to go to the bookstore today because I don't have enough patience to sit down and finish one of the 40+ hour RPGs I've got lying around all over again. Though the Persona 3 game is calling loudly to me from the other room.

I seem to have reached my limit for this post. So, look for my return on the 15th, comrades!

Max's Guide to Anime

Actually, my only advice is to avoid most anime over 50 episodes. They tend to just become an animated comic strip and run out of plot lines after a while. Can you believe the creator of Bleach only named the anime that because he liked the debut Nirvana album of the same name?

I need to start watching real television soon or I may lose it.

At any rate, after 12 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, 18 episodes of Bleach, 9 episodes of Samurai Champloo...I am spending time with the in laws tomorrow and probably playing tennis while I contemplate what anime to watch next.

Last but not least, if you are in need of a laugh, go to YouTube and search for the laser collection. Short but oh so very funny.

Trips and Gaming Consoles

I suppose I should have known that doing anything on the PS3's internet browser would be a pain. I really am trying to sort, but this console was obviously meant for someone with a much larger television. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't be needing to use my PS3 as my internet browser, would I?

lol. At any rate, I'm still trying to be loyal to my comms and attempted to sort. After two applications though I was starting to lose my patience. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had been nominated for (and I hope I got the names right because it is too much of a pain to go back and look) the Sirius Black award, the Peeves award, and the Favorite Newbie award. Surprisingly, as confident as I seem, the Sirius Black one surprised me.

Finally, I'm thinking of taking a trip to Boston. 0.o


I Knew This Thing Was Useful

Right, so as I said before my computer is broken. I've given it to my father to fix because he fancies himsef a computer technician. I'd rather not argue with the man but he's more a of a hardware guy and my problem is decidedly software. At this rate it looks as though I will need a new one which won't come until sometime after the 15th. I can still surf the internet on my PS3 but due to the nature of lifvejournal I can't do much along the way of posting to the communities. Well, I can it will just take some patience.

And the PS3 has a character limit so this message is decidedly shorter than I wanted it to be. lol. Oh well, at least I can still get on the internet. I can't play WoW, but I really needed a break from those people.

Oh, and btw CONGRATS GRYFFINDOR ON WINNING THE HOUSE CUP FOR TERM I DON'T EVEN KNOW!! My and roman numerals are not the best of friends this early in the morning.